Hz Khadim-e-Mohabbat held the poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal in very high regard. Indeed as a devotee of Pir-e-Rumi, Babaji also loved Mureed-e-Hindi ( a titile for Iqbal). He would often quote from Iqbal’s poetry in his majalis and letters especially his Persian poems which are less well known in the Indo-Pakistani sub-continent.

In An-Nahl there is a rather strange entry (on page 157) which suggests a spiritual bond between Babaji and Hz Allama. It states: ” Close to midday two strangers who looked alike, were wearing the similar clothes and turbans on their heads arrived. Before any conversation began or anything ( tea etc) could be presented to them they said: Please read al-Fatiha and proceeded to recite so I joined them. Then before my asking they said: We desired to go to Lahore in order to to read Fatiha for Hz Allama Iqbal at his mazar or at the home of one of his relatives; but we saw that you are here so we decided to read Fatiha with you. Then they left as they had arrived”. The compiler Manzoor-ul-Haq Dar omitted to mention that these guests had arrived through the wall and left in the same manner and this took place on the 21st of April which is the date of Iqbal’s passing.These were obviously no ordinary guests.

Today I came across a wonderful rendition of Allama’s poem Toulu-e-Islam ( The Renaissance of Islam). I’ve uploaded the first part here.