Today the King came secretly before the madmen,

and their spiritually possessed souls began to lament.

That King recognized my voice among the shouts ,

for it was purified from the breath of animality.

He made a royal gesture, meaning, “one of the possessed

has escaped his fetters”. Oh King, if I am possessed,

Thou art the Soloman of all possessing spirits. Oh King,

Thou knowest the mysteries of the birds and the incantations of jinn.

How fitting that Thou should also recite a spell over this madman!

An old man came before the King and said, ” Bind him with chains,

for this madman has caused a great deal of uproar and destruction

among the devils.” My King said, ” This madman can be held by no

chain but My tresses- you do not know his character.

He will snap thousands of fetters and fly to Our hand. He will become

To Us they shall return (Q 21:93) for he is a royal falcon.”

Hz Mawlana* ( Diwan 2509)

* Mawlana ( our master) when mentioned alone will always refer to Hazreti Mawlana Muhammad Jalaluddin Rumi, the Leader of the Caravan of Love.