Allama Muhammad Iqbal has been a major inspiration for many including myself. In fact inn my early teens I was informed by “one of those who know” that Allama was much more than just a poet. I began reading his poetry although I could hardly read or understand Urdu at the time. I read it for the baraka and I believe that it is through this baraka that I was able to learn Urdu quite quickly after that. Since he has been a continuous inspiration and his poetry continues to shed light and reveal new meanings with the passage of years.

I found a nice compilation of pictures of Allama including one depicting the appearance of Mawlana’s spirit to him. This is not just imaginary but a reality. As Allama said himself:

tu bhi hai us kafla-e-shawq mien Iqbal

jis kafla-e-shawq ka salaar hai Rumi.

“You too are part of that caravan of longing O Iqbal

that caravan of longing whose guide is Rumi”.