…..after crossing these hurdles at least to some extent, the real essence of the prayer lies in “Rasukh” (lasting effectivity). In worldly affairs rasukh usually means to get something done through the influence of others but in the deen this refers to something different. The purpose of prayer is that the heart becomes focused on God. Thus if after continuous struggle and effort one arrives at the point where one can pray without the need to exercise one’s will, one can take it that one has achieved rasukh to some extent and degree. In order to do this one has to struggle against many one’s natural inclinations and tendencies.

If one bends a piece of cardboard in one direction then in order to unbend it one would have to bend it in the opposite direction. Thus it is with human nature. One should be concerned with acting and not worry about experiencing states, good feelings etc; nor does one need to know if rasukh is being developed or not. It is like a child growing before our eyes. From moment to moment, from week to week, from month to month we do not see how much he has grown. This does not mean no growth is taking place but rather that at such close quarters we don’t perceive it. After a while the increased height and size of the child will prove that continuous growth has been occurring. Thus it is with rasukh…

In this way if due to continuous striving one develops a certain attachment to the prayer one finds that one is internally changed and good deeds flow from one quite naturally. One no longer needs to struggle against oneself. If one undertakes this mujahada without any worldly intention then one finds that it becomes an aide to increase/support and the door to perfect rasukh is opened to one.

This steadfastness id the greatest miracle (karama) upon which the grace and good pleasure of God is ever present. Such people are the ones that have their supplications accepted often, in fact their wishing and willing becomes a supplication (du’a). This is because the circle of their own desires has been reduced to the point of zero and as such their wishes/desires are mostly for others. For themselves they only have one desire: a beautiful sealing (husn al–khatima) i.e. a good end to their earthly life.