A final post on prayer from Shahab sahib (RA).

“After establishing rusukh in prayer the next step is the establishment of Nisbat with God. Nisbat is a bond of affection that God has for the servant and the servant has for God. This is called the inner connection with God. In proportion to the growth of one’s rusukh nisbat also becomes stronger and more subtler. Nisbat is the door to the ma’rifa of God and the sign of true nisbat is that once attained it can never be lost rather like a fruit that cannot lose its ripeness after attaining it or like the human being who once he reaches puberty cannot return to childhood. ” Whoever disbelieves in satan and believes in God has grasped a firm handhold that shall never break”.

Although nisbat relates to our inner nature yet its development takes place in the outer realm. The inner and outer aspects of the human being are like the two wheels of a car. It they are not the same size, weight and shape then it will be difficult to reach one’s destination. The real destination is the good pleasure of God, the path to which is compliance with His will as revealed in the Shariah. Some of these commands pertain to the outer such as prayer, zakat, hajj etc and some pertain to the inner such as love of God, love of the Prophet (Peace and Blessings be upon him), taqwa etc. By traveling this path with balance and proportion one attains to the station of servanthood. If this is attained then all other stations ( such as those of the abdal, the ghous, the qutb etc) are as nothing in comparison with it.

It is a common misunderstanding that these are matters of sufism. In reality they pertain to the shariah for the shariah is the ordained path of our religion. All the different tariqa’s of sufism are small roads that join this highway at one point or another. They have no goal of their own rather they are all a means of reaching this highway of the Shariah. It is by continuous travel on this highway that one reaches the destination of God’s nearness, good pleasure and His ma’rifa.