The turmoil continues in Pakistan. It is reported that thousands of lawyers are now behind bars, fundamental rights suspended and the nation deprived of the independent media. BB (Benazir Bhutto) with the support of her backers in the West looks set to benefit from the sacrifices of the lawyers though as yet she and her supporters have not joined the protest still hoping that a “deal” might be reached with the General.

Much is being said on the crisis in Pakistan in both East and West. I mentioned the Democracy and Freedom blog in my previous post and I have now added it to the blogroll. Another interesting with updates and views is All Things Pakistan.

I found Kamila Shamsie’s article on the General’s recent address to the nation in which she compares it with his first address when he seized power very interesting. It paints a gloomy picture of the current situation (at least from his point of view). It makes one wonder if this is in fact an admission of failure on his part?