Like many others who listened to Musharraf’s speech when he imposed martial law, I could not help noticing that this was indeed an “emergency speech”. By this I mean that it seemed that despite having a whole day to prepare for it our hero was having trouble coming up with even one sentence that made sense grammatically. So you can imagine how much pleasure I had in reading Mohammed Hanif’s article called Musharraf and the Drunk Uncle (courtesy of Koonj). Here’s an excerpt:

Consider this; in the middle of his speech when everyone was silently urging him to get to the point, losing the thread of his diatribe about how judicial activism was responsible for the rise of jihadis in Pakistan, he abruptly said, “I have imposed emergency,” then looked into the camera, waved his hand in a dismissive gesture and said, “You must have seen it on TV.”

He forgot to mention that he had pulled the plug on /all/ television channels except the State-run television. It might sound like old-school dictator talk, but just imagine if somebody took away your television and then told you, ‘Oh, did you see that thing on TV?’

The rest of the fun is here.