Not quite. Despite the regime’s brutal attempts to silence the voices of protest and the political parties greedy machinations to secure some crumbs for themselves the protest continues. In the coming days it is imperative that everyone that wants a stable and free society to develop in Pakistan keeps up the pressure on the government to restore the Judiciary. The regime is banking on the issue being drowned in the fanfare of the stage-managed elections. Let us do something to ensure they do not succeed.

Apart from the excellent Democracy and Freedom blog which has updates on what’s going on there is also The Emergency Times and the Rise of Pakistan, both of which are doing a commendable job of keeping the spirit alive. Do check them out to keep up to date with events.

Just in case you’re wondering why a sufi-oriented person like me is getting involved in these “political” issues, please remember what my “shaykh” has said:

goraiz kashmakash e zindaghi se mardon ki

shikast nahein hai to phir aur kaya hai shikast?

( If withdrawal from the struggles of life on the part of men

is not a failure, then what indeed is failure?)