Somebody once remarked that the unconditional devotion of PP workers to Benazir is due to a guilt-complex stemming from their failure to come out in support of Zulfiqar Bhutto when he was hanged by Gen. Zia ul-Haq. The non-stop and extremely unbalanced coverage by the Pakistani media of Benazir’s assassination and funeral makes one wonder if there is some hidden complex at play here too. It is good to honour the dead by remembering their positive traits but honour is one thing and hypocrisy quite another. Truth obliges us to remain sympathetic and objective always and especially where national leaders are concerned for their legacy determines the shape of things to come. To put Benazir’s legacy in perspective here are a few articles which set the record straight. Tariq Ali’s piece is particularly worth reading.

Pakistan’s Flawed and Feudal Princess- William Dalrymple

Only Real Understanding is Cure- Kamila Shamsie

My Heart Bleeds for Pakistan- Tariq Ali