This excellent article by Tariq Ali on Bhutto and Pakistan is well worth reading in full. Robert Fisk called it “one of the most remarkable (but typically unrecognised) scoops of the year” in his recent piece in the Independent which can be found here. Tariq Ali writes:

Arranged marriages can be a messy business. Designed principally as a means of accumulating wealth, circumventing undesirable flirtations or transcending clandestine love affairs, they often don’t work. Where both parties are known to loathe each other, only a rash parent, desensitised by the thought of short-term gain, will continue with the process knowing full well that it will end in misery and possibly violence. That this is equally true in political life became clear in the recent attempt by Washington to tie Benazir Bhutto to Pervez Musharraf.

The rest is here.