Here’s a short extract from an essay called Zindagi (Life) which is the opening piece in Wasif sahib’s book Qatra Qatra Qulzam.

“Life is not the name of a battlefield,it is a theater of manifestation, the manifestation of Beauty. It is a lively bazaar which the shopper passes through; he shops a while and then runs out of capital. Then he departs but the strange thing is that the goods he bought get left behind. He departs empty handed. The liveliness of the bazaar remains but the shoppers do not.

Life is not a riddle it is a beautiful vision; a vision so delicate that it does not accept the burden of either criticism or commentary. It is a scenic view to be marveled at, a song to be heard; it is not something to be planned nor a problem to be solved. Life is life; the gift and beneficence of Another. Someone else’s act.”

In an age of such “sophistication” as ours it helps to remember this basic fact.