A really interesting and thoughtful essay by Kabir Helminski of the Threshold Society.
“When I first entered on the Mevlevi Way, I was told that the aim was “completion”: “If you are a Jew, you will become a completed Jew; if you are a Christian, you will become a completed Christian; and if you are a Muslim, you will become a completed Muslim.” I was moved by the openness and generosity of this assertion, and I came to understand that “completion” is the fulfillment of the message brought by the prophets of these great religions.

What brought my heart to its knees, however, was meeting a human being who exemplified this completion, who embodied the Divine Majesty and at the same time expressed the most perfect humility. This paradox put into perspective all the prior spiritual attainments I had witnessed. Life had introduced me to people who were highly developed in the areas of intelligence, will, consciousness, and even love. But no one, until that time, had seemed complete. I had glimpsed the awesome dignity and responsibility of being human: What is the point of will or consciousness without love? And, on the other hand, what value would humility have without the awakening and manifestation of the divine attributes latent within ourselves?”

Read the full essay here.  I would also recommend his essays on Dervishood and Human-ness.