The Rose Garden of Love

Even if the two worlds were prison cells

They would be orchard gardens for me,

When the Friend bestows His favor

On me, I am not sad, I do not grieve.

If I were the slave of the Friend

I would flower like an opening rose,

I would be the nightingale singing of love,

I would live in the rose garden of love.

My eyes have seen the Beloved’s face,

And my face is dust to the friends of God,

But for those who understand

My words, they are sweet sugar cane.

If you give up the claims of the world

And fly up all the way to the Beloved,

If you drink the wine of love,

You will certainly be drunk with enchantment.

If I cannot see You, both this world

And the hereafter are prison cells

For my eyes. Whoever knows Your love

Must surely be the purest and the best.

My inner self has never tired of Your love,

My tongue speaks of You in spite of myself,
Yunus, may these words of yours

Be an epic tale for all the worlds.

* * *

(From: Yunus Emre: His Life and Selected Poems written and edited by Faruk Dilaver)