Given the current situation in Pakistan I thought this article by Hz Qudratullah Shahab (ra) would be worth reviewing. It seems we have still not learnt the lesson.

Pakistan: From Concept to Reality

How has the Pakistan that was born in the vision of Allama Iqbal developed into reality? This self-evaluation is even more necessary than the display of flags and other celebrations that take place on every Independence Day.

That strong and matchless machine known as the Pakistan movement that came into motion from 1940 to 1947 was rooted in the aspirations of the vast majority of Indian muslims. The dynamo that drove this machine towards the creation of Pakistan were the individual and collective aspirations, will and strength of these people. However these aspirations had many forms. For the vast majority they centered around the preservation of their faith and religious identity but there was a small group that had its own vision. Amongst this group some had the vision of stacks of newly found wealth, some political elements began to see ministries in place of membership of local councils. The civil and military beaurocracy also began dreaming of a tremendous expansion in their influence and role. By the grace of God Pakistan was created and the desires of these groups were realized beyond their expectations. However collective aspirations were lost and each group retreated into its shell from where it began to eat at the being of their country from inside.

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Despite these warning bells we have spent the past 39 years ripping our constitution to shreds. The supremacy of the law and the sanctity of the constitution is like the garment of chastity which if torn once is impossible to sow together again. One transgression leads to another and unless it is punished on first occurrence it becomes a habit. Then gradually the difference between governance and lack of it, social order and anarchy, law and lawlessness and constitutional government and dictatorship is lost to people. With the loss of constitutional constraints justice and fairplay are also lost. When this befalls the constitution of the country all other good traditions also lose their validity and the political process either stops or is stopped. In such a condition patriotism and patriotic feeling grows weak and ideals lose value. Doubt and suspicion give rise to pessimism which leads to militancy and disruption of the order.

The ONLY alternative to constitutional government IS constitutional government. All claims apart from this are false and usually a cover for furthering the vested interests of the established elites. We are in a shameful situation and must take heed.

(extract from article published in the Daily Pukar 6 Sept 1986.)