” I am al-Jili and Muhiyiddin is my name

my banners fly on the mountain tops

I am Hasani and my station is the “secret chamber”

my feet are upon the necks of the men

Abd al Qadir is my well known name

my Grandfather (PBUH) is the source of perfection.”

Today is the 11th of Rabi as-Sani commemorated all over the Muslim world from East to West as the Urs of Sultan al-Awliya, al-Ghouth al-A’zam, Sayyiduna as-Shaykh Abu Muhammad Muhyiddin Abdal Qadir al-Jaylani al-Hasani wa al-Hussaini (may Allah be well pleased with him). The Shaykh passed away on this day in the year 561 A.H/1166 C.E. He is perhaps the most venerated saint in the history of Islam and his tomb in Baghdad continues to be a place of pious visitation to this day. The following is an extract from the Shaykh’s advice to his son which the latter had requested whilst the shaykh was in the throes of his final illness. He, may God be pleased with him said:

You must observe your duty to Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He), fear no one but Allah, pin your hopes on no one but Allah and entrust all your needs to Allah. Do not rely on anyone but Him, address all your requests to Him, and put your trust in none but Allah. Affirm his Oneness. All is contained within the affirmation of His Oneness.”

To learn more about Sayyidna Ghouth al-Azam visit the Shaikh Abd al Qadir Jilani homepage. It is a blessed practice of Muslims and especially sufis to offer a Fatiha for departed shaykhs as a gift for them. One does this by reciting the Surat al-Fatiha once (and adding Surat Ikhlas three times if one likes) with the intention of offering the reward to the soul of the departed. Let us join the countless others that are offering this gift (for the pleasure of Allah) to Sayyindna Shaykh Abd al-Qadir (ra) today.

Tora qaim rehe Baghdad aur abad sultani!