Separation is the most precious gift bestowed by the Beloved. The times of separation are times when great characters are formed. It is in these times that the inner man is woken, hidden and latent qualities and capabilities are brought forth. The remembrance of the Beloved keeps man awake at night and this waking causes treasures to be bestowed on man. The night of longing, of inner sorrow is the night of acquaintance with the Self. Man’s tears write a great destiny for him. The one who stays awake will never know misfortune.

The one who cries out of love is set free from the worries of the world. The prostration of love frees one from a thousand other prostrations………..Separation is not a loss. It is a trust which is only given to those deemed worthy, a trust which the mountains, the heavens and the earth refused to carry… that trust is a gift to the human heart from God. Love is not a treasure attained through knowledge or intellect. A bat does not possoess the heart of a moth, this is a special grace from God. For He is Beauty Itself and the story of love is nothing but the story of separation from Him.

In short, all are manifestations of the Beloved. If the Beloved is in vision it is the season of union and days of spring. If the Beloved in the heart, it is the season of separation and the days of “another” spring. In this spring of separation pearls are created and fresh flowers brought forth. This world is the valley of separation and the place of ardent longing. After this……after these manifestations of the Self (Dhat) there is the vision of the Self Itself. After this vision there is only the Self….neither why nor where….no blink of eyes….no place for heartbeats….absorption in Beauty….dumbfoundedness in the face of Splendour…no complaint of the difficulties of the journey….no awareness of ancient separations….knowledge neither of being or non-being. Union is only absorption!

Separation is intoxication. It is a river of tears in the desert of remembrance from which seekers fill goblets of the eternal wine whereby they die everyday and are brought to life everyday. The important truth is the bond with the Beloved…tis neither nearness nor distance.

Wasif Ali Wasif.