This is a haunting rubai from the great Sufi saint Hz Sultan Bahu (ra). When sung the sound of the elongated HU* at the end of each line is especially moving.

Ay tan Rabb sache da hujra te pa faqeera chati, HU

na kar mintan Khawaj Khizr diyan tere andar aab hayati, HU

shawq da dewa baal hunairey matay lab peye wast karati, HU

maran tu aggay mar rehe Bahu jinnan ramz puchate , HU.

(This body of yours is the True Lord’s dwelling, so mystic look inside! HU

Don’t beg favours of Master Khizr, the water of life is within you. HU

Illuminate the darkness with the lamp of longing, then perhaps you’ll find what you’ve lost. HU

They die before they die, Bahu, those who understand the riddle of Truth. HU)

Hz Sultan Bahu (ra)

* Hu meaning He stands for the Divine Essence.