We often forget how intrinsic good character is to the Sufi path. People often focus upon awrad and wazaif or their complements such as visions and spiritual experiences and forget that the true testing ground of the Sufi is his/her interaction with fellow creatures. So here are a few reminders.

” God has shaped the character of the wali’ on nothing but generosity” says a tradition sometimes described as a hadith and a saying sometimes ascribed to Sayyidna Ali (ra) informs us “Sufism is good nature, he who has the better nature is the better sufi”. Imam al-Qushayri (ra) cites a dictum describing sufism as “an open hand and a good heart”, but perhaps one the the most thought provoking sayings on this subject is from his master Ustad Abu Ali ad-Daqqaq (ra) who says, ” Sufism is a path which is only right for people with whose spirits God sweeps the dunghills”.