The Shaykh al-Akbar Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi (ra) has been one of the most influential sufis in history. His teachings have always been a source of attraction for the most keenest minds as well as seeping into diverse muslim cultures through more popular forms such as poetry. However in more recent times these teachings have also become a subject of controversey and grave misunderstanding. Even in sympathetic sufi circles they have suffered neglect due to the view amongst contemporary masters that they are not accessible to people of our times.

As the saying goes God works in mysterious ways: at a time when it was being almost forgotten in the muslim world the work of the Shaykh was receiving a new birth in intellectual circles in the West, and since the East mostly tends to follow the West nowadays, this interest has now spread to intellectuals in indiginous muslim countries.  This can been seen the many symposia that are now taking place from Morocco to Turkey to Pakistan. It can also been seen the increase in the number of translations of the Shaykh’s work in various languages and also in the proliferation of his teachings on the internet.

Three new websites have been launched recently and they are a welcome addition. One is in Arabic, the second in Turkish and the third in Urdu. I am adding a permanent link to them on the right. They are a great resource and well worth visiting.