“Turning towards the Heart” is a phrase which may be said to sum up the elan of the Sufi Path. This  is also the title of this admirable book expressing the teachings of the very recent shaykh Hz Azad Rasool, founder of the School of Sufi Teaching. The book is in a question and answer format with queries from Western seekers and the responses of the shaykh present sufi teaching in a clear and concise way. What I like most about the book (and the teachings) is the emphasis on practice. All too often books on sufism even when written by well known “shaykhs” tend to lose themselves in the metaphysical doctrines or the poetry and literature or even worse the “rasoom”,  the customs of sufi groups. These things may have their place but what is needed is a focus on the practice of the path in the here and now, the present moment. What is a sufi if he is not the “son of his moment”?

Warmly recommended for all interested in the path of sufism.