Haji Mehboob Qawwal(ra) was the darbari qawwal of Golra Sharif and a close companion of Hz Babuji (ra). His qawwali  was regarded as a dars (lesson) on sufi teachings and many amazing ecstatic events took place during his sessions. Many well authoratative sober scholars are known to have ripped off their clothes during his qawwalis. Being in the company of Hz Babuji had transformed Haji sahib and he was actually much more than a qawwal having realised the truths that he sang about in himself.

I have always wanted to get hold of recordings of his qawwalis but they are usually only avialble in the old tape format from Golra Sharif itself, so it was a pleasure to find this on the net recently. By the sounds of it this is Haji sahib in his later years when his health had deteriorated but it is still great stuff!