Shaykh Ahmad Habbal ar-Rifai has passed away in Damascus this week. The passing of such men is a great loss for the ummah and indeed for the whole world whether people know it or not. Shaykh Ahmad was one the greatest awliya of our times and one of the oldest shaykhs in Shaam being well over a hundred years old. Despite his age he was still very active leading  gatherings of dhikr and hadras in different mosques in Damascus. May Allah (swt) elevate his rank.


Said someone: “Look! Master Sana’i is
Ah, such a man’s death is no small affair!
He was no straw that is gone with the
He was no water that froze in the cold,
He was no comb that broke in the hair,
He was no grain that was crushed by the
He was a golden treasure in the dust
As he considered both the worlds a grain.
He cast the dust form back into the dust,
He carried heavenward both soul and mind.
The dregs were mixed here with the purest
The wine then rose; the dregs were settling
The second soul, which people do not
know –
By God! he gave it to the Friend, to God!
They all meet during travel, O my friend –
From Marw and Rayy, and Kurds, and
But ev’ryone returns to his own home –
Why should fine silk become a friend of
Be quiet, quiet! For the King of Speech
Erased your name now from the book of

Hz Mawlana (ra).