Golra ka aik aur chand gharoob ho gya!

As beautiful in death as in life.

As beautiful in death as in life.

Pir Syed Naseeruddin Naseer (ra) departed from this world on Friday 13th. He is said to have been preparing for the Friday prayer. Apart from being a scion of the celebrated saadat of Golra Sharif he was also an accomplished poet and scholar. In the ultra conservative world of pirs he was a breath of fresh air. His departure like the departure of other ulema and awliya in the past year leaves a gap that will never be fulfilled. 

He had said to a close one that when God takes him he will be groomed like a bridegroom. Allah fulfilled his words; he had put on new clothes and a new turban and had his beard and hair immaculately groomed in preparation for Jum’a. May Allah be well pleased with, elevate his rank and join him to his noble forefathers in the highest realms of paradise. Amin.

 kijiye band ankain Naseer aur phir

bejiye un ki sorat pe lakoon salaam