One who does not show gratitude to people, does not show gratitude to God

The 6th of Rajab is the urs of Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri (qs). Most of us that hail from the Indo-Pakistani sub-continent remain indebited to him and his disciples for being a means for our ancestors receiving the tremendous blessings of Islam. May Allah (swt) elevate his rank in the highest realm of Jannah in the company of the Anbiya and the Siddiqin. Amin.

Some gems from the master:

The heart of a lover is like a furnace of love. Whatever goes into it is burnt to nothingness because there is no fire like the fire of love.

The way of love is such that no trace remains of the one who sets out on it.

A true devotee is gifted with the following attributes:

I. River like charity, because his charity knows no bounds and is equal to all.

II. Sun-like affection because it spreads like the rays of the sunlight, and

III. Earth like hospitality, because its embrace is open to all alike.

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