These are from Shaykh Ebrahim, a contemporary shaykh of the Darqawi Tariqa based in South Africa.

“I think the following rules of thumb are helpful:

1. If you can’t translate something which is being said to you into plain English that makes a pragmatic contribution to the issue you are struggling with then be careful.

2. If someone claims that your progress on the path is dependent on your loyalty to them then be careful.

3. If a group claim to be somehow the chosen then be careful.

4. Accept help from wherever your Rabb sent it.

5. Be diligent in making your own consciousness and the quality of your perception the fundamental project of your day to day experience and see all the things that you do as a means to that end.

6. Commit to the five pillars and most particularly your salaat as a non-negotiable cornerstone of your practice.”