” In this time, there are many who call themselves shaykh’s without having the right to, and many who attach themselves to worthless figures. Some people with attachments to spiritual chains have made a mockery of their religion, while others who claim spiritual authority have nullified their own faith. Some people have made it their business to deny absolutely everyone, and have thereby harmed themselves; others have preferred to pass over in silent acceptance, and have therefore been kept safe from all that they have brought. Some people have followed the way of extreme zealousness to their predecessors, and some these have been destroyed and ruined by their zeal. Pass over things in silence and you shall be safe; cleave to Allah, hold fast to the Sunnah and stand with the truth, and you will be allowed to drink from the waterholes of the true Men; and success is from Allah.

Addendum to Commentary on Hizb Al Bahr.