A blog on various continued concerns of an immigrant Pakistani in Europe, along with other things that seem interesting, amusing or challenging.


10 thoughts on “About”

  1. salam alaykum bhai, may God bless you in this new blog as well!

  2. wa alaykum salam, and thank you for your du’a.


  4. Waqas, go ahead and ask. Will try an answer inshaAllah.

  5. dilsenomad said:


    Bro, I am also a temporary immigrant from Pakistan. From your blog I gathered we have some similar interests. Where in Europe are you? I am currently, living in London. It would be nice starting a conversation and exchanging thoughts with you, on a less public forum.

  6. Assalam o alekum, good work brother..Im impressed.

  7. Mian Muhammad Shafqat Nadeem said:

    I want to see Saqib Shahab can any one give me his email address

  8. koey muje qudrat ullah sb ke qaber mubarak ka bata de qaber No aoor Plot No bata de

  9. Its great to see amazing blogs that belong to Pakistanis! : )

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